Author Topic: Word Vomit - Messages to Katy; Part Deux  (Read 28243 times)

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Re: Word Vomit - Messages to Katy; Part Deux
« Reply #360 on: June 28, 2014, 01:11:04 AM »
Dear Katy,

You slayed my entire existence #Godbless

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Re: Word Vomit - Messages to Katy; Part Deux
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Dear Katy,

Thank you for being you, and helping me to stay. Thank you for being there in 2012 when I was suffering with an eating disorder, and thank you for helping me to put down the razor. Thank you for doing this without even knowing it. I hope to tell you how much you've helped me someday, and not just break down in tears and stutter like I did the last time I saw you. If you ever see this (and I doubt you will) I want you to know I'm grateful for everything you do. And finally, I would have gone into more detail, but I wouldn't want to put all my problems (past and present) on you.

I love you,
Yours, Katrina  :katycat4:
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