Author Topic: Oh Lord... People Magazine... New "quote" from Katy  (Read 12265 times)

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I Wish we could cheer her up too :(

:D :D

Damn Peoples MAGAZINE  :grr: :grr:

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yey! katy!! thanks for clearing that up, didnt sound like you

ka-ka-ka-katy girl!

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katy, dont be sad. we know the truth and thats all that counts. ur fans wont believe every shit they write on the press.
exactly, us katy katz will know whats really going down .
we all love you soo muchh!! <33

thank you PishPosh

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  • It's SIMPLE katy come to colombia!
the worst of all is that the article is soo false and is ovius that is false i mean WTF? they took something and make it into something colpletely different i mean they should know who s the people they contract -- --

all credit goes to me THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE KATY

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She said that since september during the french concert at Paris on 30th September. Olivia do you remember when she said "Boys just want the milk, but they don't want to buy the cow." I'm sure she said exactly the same thing.

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she almost always says the same things introducing her songs, she varies the stories but keeps the same formulas.

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oh, okay. It's bizarre that she said that before break.

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Ha ha, well said XD. Luckily, most people have the ability to be able to differentiate between FACT & FICTION.
You where awesome at the Grammys XD..this coming from a UK fan who stayed up till 1am just to catch the interview via the beautiful network that goes by the name of 'E!',
Where would I be without it?'re hilarious,  'digg' your sense of humor...its like mine....'cool'
have a fun day....reply? PEACE,LOVE,RESPECT


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wow.. really? i actually thought ppl looked more into their stuff? i thought they were the better mag. not like the enquierer......psh screw ppl mag

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we believe u Katy, u rock!!!!! your dress at the Grammys (red carpet) was really nice u looked stunning!!!!!! hopefully going 2 c u on tour this year on the 25th febuary at manchester cant wait its gonna be awsome !!!  :flowerpower:  :watermelon:  :yum:

from Becca :)

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I have nothing aganist People mag....they seem to be fine 90% of the time and avoid tabloidesq shit.
That said, I DONT read the people blog/online part because it delves into tabloidesq and it totally different than their mag.
Glad they printed a retraction. In my mind that shows quality journalism. A retraction  as opposed to oitright ignoring something wrong Lol

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Re: Oh Lord... People Magazine... New "quote" from Katy
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She has not posted in about a year and her last large post was two years ago saying merry xmas etc so i expect shes too busy at the moment to type HELLO though we can always hope!! :D :strawberry:

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Re: Oh Lord... People Magazine... New "quote" from Katy
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^ why bump this? :-/
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Re: Oh Lord... People Magazine... New "quote" from Katy
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A.MAY.SING  :frolickingghost: :frolickingghost: :frolickingghost:

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Re: Oh Lord... People Magazine... New "quote" from Katy
« Reply #89 on: May 29, 2014, 08:17:50 PM »
I know this post is from like forEVER ago, but just so you know, no matter what happens, your KatyCats will always believe YOU and no one else.  And by now, most of us know you well enough to sense when an article is bullshit anyway.   ;) Just had to tell you. Love you! xoxo
OG KatyCat!  <3