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Katy Perry - Girl Gone Wild (Cleo Magazine)
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Katy Perry: girl gone wild
Cleo Tools Print Send to friend Comments Archive 20 Oct, 2008
CLEO chats to singer Katy Perry about life before fame, her new album and the girl that inspired THAT song...

Katy Perry has a knack for courting controversy. The LA pop sensation has been all over the airwaves this year, raising eyebrows and pulses alike with her infectious tunes.

What makes her story more remarkable is the fact that, until 17, she led a sheltered existence. ?Both of my parents are still to this day, travelling ministers,? she explains.

?I wasn?t allowed to listen to a whole lot of music growing up. But I left home at 17 and moved to Los Angeles and just kind of started changing and growing and singing about everything under the sun.?

Making up for lost time
After relocating to LA, Perry quickly began to make up for lost time, throwing herself into glamorous and very adult lifestyle of LA. Back at home, her parents were shocked that the girl they tried so hard to mould into an obedient Christian was doing everything in her power to erase their influence.

?I?m not exactly the poster child of what they thought I would be when they had me,? she says, ?But I?m not strung out and doing spreads naked and stuff.  I?m on track and got a head on my shoulders and I know I write about everything in life.?

Dear diary?
Her new album One of the Boys is a confessional album that Perry describes as a series of ?Dear Diary? entries.

The song that has brought Perry most attention to date is, of course, the addictive ?I Kissed a Girl?. The track has dominated radio worldwide in recent months, topping the charts in Australia, the US and Europe.

Some have claimed that the song trivialises the issue of sexual confusion and promotes stereotypes. But Perry dismisses these claims.

Kissing Scarlett
?It?s all about curiosity. I wrote it after I opened up a magazine and saw Scarlett Johansson. I looked up at my boyfriend and I said, ?You know what, I?m not gonna lie, if she were walking in through the door and she wanted to make out with me, I?d probably let her do it...?

?So [the song] is kind of about the beauty of a woman and how it doesn?t matter who you are, male or female. If Giselle Bundchen walks into the room, everybody?s jaw [would be] dropping.?

Gender bender
Another high-profile track, ?U R So Gay?, is Perry?s kiss-off to a former flame who seemed too effeminate to be straight.

?A lot of girls, I think, sometimes are asking themselves, ?Is he on my team or is he on the other team?  Which team is he batting for because he looks like he?s wearing my jeans, he looks like he borrowed my flat iron.  And I think that he left eye liner on my pillow case last night.? 

?So there?s just this whole world trying to figure out who is, and who isn?t [gay]. I?ve dated guys where I thought, ?I know in another life, wink wink, nudge nudge?.you were a gay man.??

Despite the controversy surrounding her, Perry doesn?t seem intimidated. ?I always come to make a splash and do a cannonball with everything I do,? she admits.

By George Miles

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