Author Topic: Birthday Booth! Melbourne Shows  (Read 1254 times)

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Birthday Booth! Melbourne Shows
« on: June 22, 2014, 05:00:19 AM »
Hey all,

Does anyone know anything about the birthday booths at Katy's Melbourne shows??

I got tickets to the show and now i desperately want to get the opportunity to meet my idol! My birthday is in the week of the show. Is anyone else in my position? What will increase our chances of being chosen?


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Re: Birthday Booth! Melbourne Shows
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2014, 02:52:26 PM »
From what I hear, it's just luck of the draw. IF she is having it still, by then.
I'm flying over from Perth for the 18th and 19th show. My birthday is on the 19th.