Author Topic: PRISMATIC TOUR - Tell us about YOUR experience : was it good or was it good ?  (Read 78686 times)

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As very smartly suggested by Kitty-Katy, as i think we had that kind of thread for the past tours... Now it's the Prismatic World Tour's turn.

Tell us about YOUR experience : before show, during show, after show, meet & greet...

No fights, just stories ! Thanks for keeping it that way... You can fight in private if you really want to  ;)

Don't forget to tell us which show(s) you went to !
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Amazing, the show from start to finish was just specular although I didn't have a great viewing point at all times the RS section was just electric! As always Katy gave it 150% for all her songs & dancing etc
It was a feast for not my ears but my eyes had an experience they have never witness ( I was heavily pregnant for the CDT)

Thank you Katy for an experienced I hope I never forget! & thanks to hubby for buying the tickets haha
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It was amazing! I went to the second, on May 8th, and it was all an amazing surprise because I didn't see any photo or videos about the show. Katy is sooo funny, and so down to earth! She even drinked Guinness...

I was wearing a PRISM t-shirt, really close to the stage, and singing to death all the songs. She looked to me many times because I was freaking out all the time and even gave her guitar-pick to me at the end of By The Grace Of God. Amazing concert, really. I really hope I can see at least one more show.

I just was a little bit dissapointed she didn't have any M&G on Belfast. I even tried to see her at the exit of the arena, but she just passed in a hurry and sending kisses.  :strawberry:

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I went to the Newcastle show with 3 friends and I've never had an experience like it!
Beforehand I wasn't letting myself get too excited because I knew those 2 hours of Katy being on stage would pass by so quickly, but on the actual day I was so beyond all excitement levels I couldn't contain it.

The lights, the music, the stage setups, the dancers, the costumes, the much thought, effort and love has gone into this show. Our girl has made sure all us kittens have the time of our lives.

We queued from 3pm and for GS, getting spots down at the bottom of the extended triangle stage where she does the acoustic section. I couldn't see the main stage very well but just being there was amazing and everything seemed so electric. It might sound OTT to some but I thought it was perfect from start to finish. I couldn't believe it when she was so close during the acoustic section and kept coming down for dances and things, she is incredible in every single way!

It was the first time I'd seen Katy and I adored every single second of it, I only wish I could afford time off work to go see another date. My ticket was actually a birthday present from my better half and I'm so thankful to him for enabling me to see Katy, I'll never forget how brilliant a night it was.

Everyone waiting for their show - I hope you all enjoy it completely.

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Thank you for the reviews so far guys! I am so glad everyone is having such an amazing time!!!  :firework:

By the grace of God... I finally met Katy!  :firework:

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I went to Nottingham and despite the show being late it's one of the best experiences I've had with seeing Katy live. Icona pop were really lively and got us all hyped up for the show. Katy came on all of a sudden and had us all screaming! I was in the RS and managed to get a spot near the tip just on the left side. It was phenomenal, there was plenty of crowd interaction. Though the downside would be the amount of time Katy had her back to us. She didn't bring out her big balloons but other than that, perfect!

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I can't deal with reading all these, my first show is in just over a week and im sooo ready but so NOT ready for the post katy/concert depression!! :)

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I can't deal with reading all these, my first show is in just over a week and im sooo ready but so NOT ready for the post katy/concert depression!! :)

ohhhh post concert depression is such a draaaag! my show is only 76 days away (have a countdown on my fridge! haha)
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I was in Nottingham, May 11th, it must have taken me half an hour to see the message on the screen about 'technical difficulties' because I had lost all sense of time the moment I walked into the arena and the reflection section, just so overjoyed to be there. I was amazed how small that pit was and in spite of that how much room there was, I thought that was something damn well thought through! The show was something so hypnotising from beginning to end, I never knew which way to look because of everything we were surrounded by. Katy's performance so close to me, also the band, singers, dancers, it was like a strange dream seeing everybody suddenly so near for real. If I hadn't been completely in awe of Katy already I would have been from then on, of course I knew it was going to be something good, but what I saw and heard was a thousand times better than I could even imagine before.
When Katy started to play some chords for TOTGA she played something there which technically I couldn't figure out at all - she always puzzles and amazes me again. I totally loved how she talked during the show referring to the particular occasion, making it something personal and individual. I'm going to see four more shows before the tour moves on to London, and now that I already know the show I'm even looking forward to it a million times more! I'm so, so happy I've been there, no matter if once or five times, the creation of the PWT is awesome, I loved every detail of it from Katy herself down to the amazing interludes during costume change!

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was it good or was it good?

well said ;)

Took A Selfie With Katy in Anaheim 09.16.14 :dreamboat:
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This is such an awesome thread and it's getting me so excited for RS when she comes to my city! You guys are exciting me and I'm happy you're not debbie downers and only pointing out negative parts of the concert.
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Mine's not over yet, I still have a London date, but I'll tell the story so far.
I've been to both Birmingham Events - first Early Entry GS then RS. I preferred GS, so I'll talk about that.
As expected, Katy was amazing. The show did feel quite short, but it was very well constructed. I was very surprised by how polite everyone was; people only really shoved when Katy was leaning into the crowd.
Unsurprisingly, the acoustic section was my favourite. When she sang BTGOG, I held up a sign that said 'You helped me stay'. After the first chorus, she pointed at it an indicated she way crying, then winked at me at the end of that song. For DR, she came down into the crowd (has she come down before or after that?) a little distance away from me - but reached over to grab my hand and held it for a good 30 seconds. And winked at me again.
She's amazing.

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Hope it's okay to post here again.
One of my happiest moments was in Liverpool when I met Joshua Moreau. I had a small gift for Katy I didn't know what to do with up to the moment we talked, and I asked him if it was ok wanting him to give it to her. It's the little bag in his hand, containing rose quartz. Then Josh wanted to take a pic of us with his phone to show it to Katy. He told me to hold my Jesus tattoo up, too, the pose wasn't my idea  :lol:
I asked Josh about a few strange transitions from one chord to the other which Katy plays on stage now in the intro to TOTGA. He hinted something but didn't quite tell me   :lol:
He sent the pic to me later.
Josh is such a nice person to talk to, it's just amazing having met him on the tour!!  :flowerpower:

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I was at the second show in Birmingham, and loved it! It was my first Katy concert, and I've come to discover you need to see her tours twice because there is a lot going on, so between that and the excitement, you need another to really take it all in. The acoustic section was my favourite. I can't wait to see it again!

The only probably I had was with the audience. There were a lot of children in my section, so everyone sat down to be respectful (thankfully that ended during Teenage Dream). I go to concerts to not only listen to the music, but to dance and forget - I definitely don't spend all that money to sit down, I also feel like I'm disrespecting the artist by sitting down (especially at a show like Katy's).