Author Topic: iHeartRadio Music Awards @ Shrine Auditorium - NBC, US - May 1st 2014  (Read 10945 times)

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But I didn't realise Katy had such a big car before I Kissed a Girl came out, big enough to dance in! No wonder she almost crashed.

ding, ding, ding.

Oh, Katy... lol.

EDIT: Actually. I just watched the vlog... she says "I heard Ur So Gay on the radio before..." so she is probs talking about USG in the iHeartRadio thing. Maybe. LOL

These sort of videos make me all fuzzy inside. So inspiring!

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Katy's intro was the best part of the whole show to be honest.
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Katy's intro was the best part of the whole show to be honest.

my thoughts exactly  :xx:

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Don't know if anyone saw her video for it thought it was so adorable :)