Author Topic: Prismatic Tour @ Staples Center (1) - Los Angeles, CA - September 19th 2014  (Read 1494 times)

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Really hoping to go to this show but tickets are so expensive  :'(
7/24- smurfs premiere
6/17- Uniondale CDT
6/25- uncasville CDT
11/16- MSG CDT
6/25- jimmy kimmel
6/26- kp3d premiere
8/12- Prism truck z100
8/28- VMAs, 1st performance of roar
12/17- Good Morning America
12/17- John Mayer concert, 1st performance of WYL

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Definitely going to this date if I can get tickets! Where are all my LA Katycats at? Or at least ones visiting for her show?!  :thumbzup:

I'm visiting LA (again) for Katy!!!! PWT at LA!! here I go!!!!! =D

Oh I remember you! You were at the Prism release party too last year, right? I am also going to her LA show. But I have so far only tickets for the 19th (will be bringing my mom and my aunt though, so we have seating tickets). I am hoping to find some good tickets for the show on the 20th though...

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Got my ticket, so excited!

Are fans meeting before?

I am coming from England for the shows.

Liverpool, England

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Re: Prismatic Tour @ Staples Center (1) - Los Angeles, CA - September 19th 2014
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LOOKING FOR 2 (reasonably priced!) TICKETS FOR THIS SHOW! pm me xx