Author Topic: Prismatic Tour @ Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena (1) - Vancouver, BC - Sept 9th 2014  (Read 351 times)

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I am so incredibly excited that Katy is coming back to Vancouver the week before my birthday! Icing on the cake!  :xxx:

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I'm going to this date!! :) So excited to hear Katy perform!!! :pinkbow:

Edit: I actually ended up getting tickets for the other Vancouver date!
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I'll be there as well!!  Can't wait :D  It's such a long time from now though haha
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GOING!!! Got my tix on the AMEX pre-sale!!!
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So happy I'm finally going to get to see her after all these years.
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I'm so excited for this show! :)

I missed her for her CD tour, so i'm extremly excited to see her now! I hope I meet some other fans at the concert, it will be so much fun!

I got RS VIP for the first show on the 9th! I know i'm going to spend a TON on merch.

 :hellokaty: I can't wait, only a few more months! :faline: