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Author Topic: KPF GIVEAWAY: Win signed CDs, Shirts and Posters!  (Read 1777 times)

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Re: KPF GIVEAWAY: Win signed CDs, Shirts and Posters!
« Reply #45 on: December 01, 2013, 11:47:20 AM »
Ever since I remember i always liked to listen Katy's songs but I became a true Katycat last year. This story begins in June 2012. I always wanted to travel the world so that summer I choosed to go to Canada. I bought tickets and I went from Warsow straight to Toronto with my best friend. I hopped off the plane with one bag and a lot of dreams I wanted to became true. First two weeks was awesome but after that everything had changed. Me and my friend had a big fight and we made decision that from that moment were gonna go separate ways. I was pretty devastated and I now I was all alone thousand miles from home. I walked out of the cafe shop where I had a conversation with my firend (well not anymore) and I was walking down the street crying. After some time I herd some concert. When I got closer I seated on a bench and start listen to the song. It was "Wide Awake" and Katy was performing on MMVA. The lyrics of this song was so true for me in that moment and the situation I was related to it unbelievably. "The story's over now, the end". And I think what happend to me then was something similar to what happend to Katy when she herd You Oughta Know for the first time. After that I went back home and I listen her song all day long and "Part Of Me" sort do become my mantra. It give me strength to not go give up. I have met new friends and visited amazing places with them. I also wanted to now more and more about Katy so I was reading the articles, watching interviews and of course I went to watch "Part of Me in 3D". I also went to Pentecostal Church and and up playing guitar at Sundays sermons... Maybe everything that happen at that time was just coincidence but I think that it was just meant to be. I just had to be a Katycat. Katy stole my heart for ever and If I win this contest probably I will be the most happy person in the world. I didn't meet Katy yet so having something with her autograph is my one of my biggest dream. So please make my dream come true :D

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Re: KPF GIVEAWAY: Win signed CDs, Shirts and Posters!
« Reply #46 on: December 01, 2013, 11:58:01 AM »
OMG I would LOVE to win this!
This is soo sweet to give away!
It would be the best Christmass present ever!

I really love Katy and we can't effort expensive things so mostly I get small presents (what's also nice :))
But this would be sooooo cool to win!
I love that woman!

Her music really helps me thru my bad days and Prism is just amazing!
Her voice makes me calm and I just love her sooooo much!
I can't thank her enough for what she does in my life!
I didn't had a great time this year but Katy helps me, always! <3

I'm glad the KPF makes sure katycats win this!
Thank you for giving this away! :)

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Re: KPF GIVEAWAY: Win signed CDs, Shirts and Posters!
« Reply #47 on: December 01, 2013, 11:58:57 AM »

I've sat for 3 days thinking about what to say for this and now I only have 10 minutes before its technically over.

Why should I win?

Well I love you guys this much!

and I also loovee that poster that much too. Give the signed stuff to someone who doesn't have something signed by Katy. I've already got that.
My walls need the chance to Roar too.
I just have this little ridiculous sized poster collection which is swallowing my room (which is good because I hate the colour of my walls   :twitch:).


... AND MERRY CHRISTMAS (ISH) KPF!!  :bahumbug: :chewypop: :boom: :twinsies: :xmasgiggle:
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Re: KPF GIVEAWAY: Win signed CDs, Shirts and Posters!
« Reply #48 on: December 01, 2013, 12:04:18 PM »
Thanks for the oportunity!

My name is Katy
I have just turned 29
I would really love for this gift to be mine :)

The countdown to the tour has now begun
We will travel the country and have some fun!

Fingers crossed I am lucky
As winning this would make me yuppie!

Good Luck to all
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Re: KPF GIVEAWAY: Win signed CDs, Shirts and Posters!
« Reply #49 on: December 02, 2013, 12:06:38 PM »
Winners have been picked & e-mailed, check your mails :)