Author Topic: Prismatic Tour @ Odyssey Arena (1) - Belfast, UK - May 7th 2014 - SOLD OUT  (Read 8813 times)

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Omg the pictures look amazing  :o  :dreamboat:
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Does anyone have pics of the merch?
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IT LOOKS FANTASTIC! :frolickingghost:

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Pictures look amazing!
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  • I am a Katy Perry DIE-HARD fan! Love her to bits!

Videos starting to come in now!



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Keep the videos coming!

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Umm it was effing amazing! I cant wait to see it again tommorow and let it sink in more.

She was sick, still sounded perfect! Love the new hot n cold, this is how we do was one of the highlights so much fun

Merch, imo, was not great. Lots of usual looking tees. Lanyard, prism vision glasses, pins. Didnt see the roar singing cat  :'( i bought the hoodie which was 50 pounds and pin set which was 10
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She sounds incredible and that stage is MASSIVE! Keep the videos coming!
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OMGGG!she is SLAAAAYING :dreamboat:

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She looks so beautiful in the dress she wore during the acoustic section. In love!

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Are there any parts when she brings people up on stage?
Also, did anyone do early entry?

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