Author Topic: Prismatic Tour @ Motorpoint Arena Sheffield - Sheffield, UK - May 23rd 2014  (Read 1123 times)

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Selling 2 reflection section tickets for this show because i now have tickets for the Manchester one instead!
Looking for face value, £170 for both  :pinkbow: :flowerpower:
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I live in Sheffield I'm so happy that so many katycats have got reflection section tickets! y'all send me your twitter names :flowerpower:

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Does anyone have standing tickets? Would love to meet up with fellow Katy Cats!

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Only three days until it's happening?!?! Soy excited.  :strawberry: :firework:

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Travelled to Sheffield early morning & met up with some KatyCats.The weather was horrendous as it was thunder and lighting!!! I was not well at all also..I had awful back pain. :eyes: Once inside the arena I was trying so hard to beat the pain I was in, but ended up in tears having to sit down on the arena floor :'( All I was thinking was should I just leave, but the thought of the long journey I had done to come see Katy again I really did not want to miss her and as usual she surpassed all expectations and the show was amazing. After show I was supposed to travel with some other Katycats to Manchester for next show but unfortunately I had to return home:( Hopefully I will be all good for London shows next week, fingers crossed.

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Cannot believe it is over already. It went way too fast and was the best night of my life. I got to the barrier and I have never felt so happy, being so close to Katy felt like a dream.  :firework: :xxx: :strawberry: