Author Topic: Prismatic Tour @ Liverpool Echo Arena - Liverpool, UK - May 21st 2014  (Read 7210 times)

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  • It's LOVE duh?!
i still have a reflections section ticket if anyone would like it? i really dont want it to go to waste!

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Best feelings ever knowing it's Katy time again tonight!!!!! Yaaaaay!!!!  :dreamboat: :pinkbow: :frolickingghost:
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See you later everyone :)
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I'll be there at 3pm ish! I'm in RS and soooo excited

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  • So much love for that Katheryn Perry.
Hope everyone going has an awesome time! :frolickingghost: :firework:

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Katy ended up singing a verse of hey Jude on this date and is was amazing!!
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I dragged myself out of bed at 4pm and suddenly felt so hyped up about going to the show again that I went on the Ferris wheel next to the hotel just to pass the time, LOL all the KatyCats from up there looked amazing!!

And then I met Josh, he took a present for Katy off me and took a picture of him and me with his phone to show Katy who it was from. I found Josh an incredibly nice person, and I was so happy to have met him, that was an awesome moment I'll always remember!!  :frolickingghost:

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Had an absolutely AMAZING night!!! Katy was so on point & looked like she really enjoyed the Liverpool crowd, interacting by asking what the nickname is for people who were born in Liverpool...she was so funny "Scooserzz!"  :lol:
The intro to Hey Jude came on and of course with the arena full of Liverpudlians they began to sing the words and it gave me chills. It was so awesome and Katy said it was so pretty & that she was serenaded.
Even though I had already seen Katy at the opening show at Belfast, with me being unwell, I felt as though I had not seen her properly & so at Liverpool I was mesmerized by her acoustic performances..Katy and her guitar.. :dreamboat:

I really enjoyed the whole show.. didn't want it to end!!!