Author Topic: Prismatic tour @ Phones 4u Arena (1) - Manchester, UK - May 20th 2014  (Read 4458 times)

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Ahhhhh!!!! I'm meeting TWO KatyCats at this show and we're in RS!! I'm getting there at 2pm and I'm planning to hand out loads of 'thanks for staying' signs, which I've made, to everyone in RS and explain what we are doing so hopefully katy will definitely see it!!!

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Err... they're saying she'll be at the front of the stage for BTGOG...

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I have 2x spare general standing tickets for this date! Only wanting £100 for the pair - £30 cheaper than what I paid originally. They've been delivered, just need someone to send them to now! :firework: :firework:
REDUCING TO £90, really need to sell these as I can't go anymore and it would be a shame for them to go to waste!
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If this makes it easier for you!
Can post them ASAP x
Sorry to keep changing this, desperate to sell them though!
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I'm getting there for around 1pm latest. Ready for a day of queueing with the Katycats :firework: Hope i get to meet a load of you  :hithere:


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I'm getting there for around 1pm latest. Ready for a day of queueing with the Katycats :firework: Hope i get to meet a load of you  :hithere:

I'll be getting there around 3-4pm :( I live on Merseyside and have an afternoon exam the day of this so I will have to take the exam then get the train to the arena straight away haha! Are you general standing or RS for this one?

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Wooooooooooooooooooooooop This is tonight!!    :pinkbow: :pinkbow: :firework: :firework:
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Hope all the KatyCats are having an amazing time!!  :firework:

Cannot wait for my turn to experience TPWT.   :hellokaty:
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