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For you katycats who purchased PWT tickets online and got them posted to you how long did they take to arrive? I thought as soon as I bought the tickets they would get posted to me? (This is what happened when I purchased Paramore tickets) I'm starting to freak out as Ticketmaster said they won't get posted until closer to the event, and I have flights booked to get to PWT and I'm worried the tickets won't arrive in time.. AHHH. Soz for me freaking out but i'm just really worried now  :ummno:
It depends on the national stereotype of the countries.

My German ticket was ordered 1 day after my Dutch one and it was delivered a day before the Dutch. Ordered Thursday, they ship it on Friday, Monday was a public holiday and Tuesday DHL called me because I was not at home waiting for delivery. Deutsche gründlichkeit (German thoroughness, punctuality). They were the first one in Europe to name RS correct and printed "Katy Perry" and "Prismatic World Tour" in correct font like on PWT merchandise. The customer feels more confident about the ticket when they are using the right terms and even keep the font recognizable. Do you trust a ticket with very confusing text?

Selecting right typography, fonts,... is important in German total design for more than 100 years.

The Dutch sent a tiny envelope with just the ticket and nothing more than that. They are good at trading, efficient and keep the costs down.

The Belgians are laissez-faire (let them do as they will), inefficient (we have 6 governments and 6 parliaments for 11 million people), surreal,... and years behind neighbouring countries in technology, infrastructure,... It was delivered a week later, not shabby by our standards.

The British were hopeless and lost their car industry to the Germans. How could a Briton keep buying British when British brands told them to wait half a year for a car that fell apart and needed repairs every 14 days, he crossed the street, walked into a German garage and bought a German car that actually works and keeps working.

BBC - Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and Us (2013):

They of course let us wait half a year for some freshly printed tickets.
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Im going to Milan its the day before my birthday :firework:

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I'm goin to Amsterdam from the uk, so if anyone else is hit me up!

I am! I am!.... :ummno: but you already know that  :pinkbow:

Oh no, not you! ;)
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Oh. She replaced the beer onstage with pizza lol.

this is called a signature. doesn't seem to do much but I think it secretly has a superpower it uses when I'm not looking. just a feeling.
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Oh. She replaced the beer onstage with pizza lol.
Maybe because she tasted a little bit of European beer culture and doesn't want the American stuff? :hehe:
Boozy bear plunders campers' beer

A black bear went on a binge at a campsite in the US state of Washington - guzzling down some 36 cans of beer.

Campground workers were stunned to come across the bear sleeping off the effects in their grounds, surrounded by dozens of empty beer cans.

But this was no ordinary case of a bear with a sore head at Baker Lake resort, 80 miles (129km) northeast of Seattle.

He had apparently tried out and rejected the mass-market Busch beer in favour of local brand Rainier.

The bear appeared to have got into campers' cool boxes and used his teeth and claws to puncture the cans.
Even bears reject American mainstream beers.
15/10/2011 O2 Arena, London
26/10/2011 NIA, Birmingham
10/05/2014 Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle: Katy touched my hand
31/05/2014 O2 Arena, London

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