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Author Topic: Group chat box  (Read 763 times)

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Re: Group chat box
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It would be great having a chat box on the forum homepage for sure so we can see who's active and chat amongst each other, but if there was one as you have mentioned and it was removed, I'm sure it was for a specific reason. Yes, chat boxes can be hard to handle and manage, but it depends how you go about it, I guess. If you were to produce one that works with the board, using user accounts from the forum database and then making some changes to the moderation privileges, then you could definitely make an easy to manage chat box which you could recruit chat moderators for, with only the access to remove chat messages and possibly ban/mute people from the chat. Furthermore, you could even apply chat filters to make sure any vulgar language is censored out. I'm definitely in support of this idea and would help in the development of it if needed ;)