Author Topic: What Happened To Katy-Perry.Net? (Forgive Me If This Isn't In The Right Section)  (Read 521 times)

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What happened to and I got some of the BEST pics from these sites. I wish these sites were still around.
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California Dreams Tour - 06.30.2011
Prismatic World Tour - 07.18.2014
Prismatic World Tour - 07.21.2014

Katy Notices:
05.05.2015 - mentioned me on instagram
08.29.2015 - faved my tweet
09.10.2016 - faved my tweet
02.14.2017 - liked a tweet w/ me mentioned
02.21.2017 - liked my tweet

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Not sure honestly but I never used them... Most websites get shut down because they don't make enough money or the owner loses interest though. I'm assuming the former.

I know I was on that KP Brazil website and they have a gallery so maybe this will help?