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Re: next Katy era??
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Katy loves teamwork though, and the method of other people's input, I'm not so sure if she would want to be the exclusive writer and producer of a pop album. It's hard to do and too much responsibility alo when it's this genre and catering for such a big mass audience.

Not as hard as you would think. Marina and the diamonds just released her album and she wrote her album solely by herself and coproduced everything. However Marina gets more time off and Katy doesn't, and Katy needs to write albums faster. I'm not saying that I don't mind if there's cowriters or anything though, I'm just saying it'd be nice if Katy could keep it under like 15 people working on this album. There's honestly a lot of people I'd like to see her work with but there's also a lot of people I'd like her to cut out of her life. But just because Kesha had problems with Luke doesn't mean Katy won't work with him. They seem to be on good terms even though I would hope Katy wouldn't work with him anymore. Either way I'm ready for a new sound and I'm sure whatever Katy puts out regardless of how many people are on an album is going to sound good. I don't think Katy will write an album solely by herself until her acoustic stuff tbh. She doesn't have time for it, especially in terms of producing. I don't think Katy even writes on her guitar very much anymore.

"But just because Kesha had problems with Luke doesn't mean Katy won't work with him"

Considering that he is currently in a judicial procedure, he probably has other things to think about than making music...

If Dr. Luke was a major problem, Katy would have dropped him years ago. Nobody knows if Kesha's telling the truth.
Marina and the Diamonds you can't compare to Katy at all. Of course she can write albums by herself. Compared to what's going on for Katy now it's more like a hobby for her at this point.

That's not what I'm saying though, like yes, Katy is the most popular person in the entire world right now, but what I was saying is that a pop star CAN produce an album solely by themselves. Marina is pretty well known, she may not be on the charts everywhere but she's a very respected artist in the industry. Having said that like I said i can't compare the two because Marina gets far more time off than Katy. Katy has been working nonstop since 2008 and Marina just took a year and a half off of touring and music prior to last month. Either way I'm still focused on the PRISM era right now still tbh I think this is too far ahead to think about.