Author Topic: My step daughter and fiance both born on the 4th of July  (Read 5414 times)

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My step daughter and fiance both born on the 4th of July
« on: April 17, 2013, 08:01:06 PM »
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I wish I could find a way to send Katy a personal message.  I have a step daughter who will be 11 years old on the 4th of July (her father's birthday is also the 4th of July).  My step daughter is absolutely crazy for Katy Perry. 

She is so in love with Katy Perry that she beleives Katy is going to come to her birthday party.  She created a birthday card invitation for Katy and writes to her all the time in her journal and at school.  Unfortunately, it is quite sad because kids make fun of her over this.  She is in an IEP program at school because she has a mild form of autism (so she is in 5th grade, but is relatable to that of a 6 or 7 year old). 

I know that the 4th of July is such a special holiday for Katy as many people and concerts demand her presence.  But if I could just get a letter to Katy for a personallized message to be sent or where I could get a gift made from Katy to my step-daughter...anything to lift this little girl from being made fun of and bullied to feel special.  She is my world and I would do anything to make her feel like she is the beautiful, wonderful, special little woman I know she is. 

Any ideas?  I was just going to order gifts from the KatyPerry website and make a gift basket saying it was from Katy.  I just would like some help here to bring some love to my little girl.

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Re: My step daughter and fiance both born on the 4th of July
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05/07/12 -Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D